Dragon’s Breath? Tips For Children’s Halitosis

November 8, 2018

hn7RkeO - Dragon’s Breath? Tips For Children’s Halitosis

Did you know that 50% of Americans are diagnosed with halitosis (bad breath) each year? Bad breath isn’t limited to adults, either. Children can suffer from halitosis that stems from a variety of causes, but there’s usually a way to conquer each cause of children’s halitosis.

Food Debris

Food sometimes sticks around long after mealtime, and it can cause really stinky breath. If left unchecked, food debris left in the mouth can give cavities the fuel they need to flourish.

Solution: Rinse After Meals 

Have your child swish cool water in their mouth vigorously for 30 seconds after they finish their meal. This will help remove any food debris left in the cracks and crevices of teeth until they can thoroughly brush and floss.

Dry Mouth

A dry mouth can lead to recurring bad breath. Usually, dry mouth is caused by poor saliva flow, which can stem from a lack of water, or inadequate hydration. Luckily, that’s incredibly easy to fix!

Solution: Improve Saliva Production

Dry mouth can usually be fixed by eating foods that increase saliva production like cheese, apples or carrots. Make sure your child gets enough water – 8 to 10 cups per day. If this doesn’t fix your child’s bad breath, then schedule an appointment with our office.

Poor Oral Care Routine

The number one cause of halitosis in children is poor oral hygiene. But, a proper oral care routine is incredibly easy to achieve, it just takes a little work, and a clear schedule.

Solution: Develop a Good Oral Health Routine 

Make sure your child brushes twice per day for two minutes at a time, and flosses once per day. Offer help when age appropriate.  When flossing, stress the importance of hitting both sides of the tooth, and beneath the gum line so that they clean their entire tooth. Be sure to clearly communicate when they are to brush and floss, and be sure that they adhere to a consistent schedule. Gentle parental reminders can go a long way in keeping children in a healthy oral care routine.

We Can Beat Dragon’s Breath Together!

In some cases, there can be other underlying medical issues, such as GERD or reflux.  If your child’s breath is consistently smelly, then schedule a visit with our office. We can help you get to the bottom of bad breath, and beat halitosis together.

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