My child’s teeth are yellow!

June 26, 2018

Color of teeth - My child's teeth are yellow!

We hear this concern frequently at High Point Pediatric Dentistry!  Baby teeth are usually very white in appearance, but when children begin the stage of losing baby teeth and have newly erupting permanent teeth (mixed dentition), the color shades are very noticeable.  So what’s the deal?

Baby teeth are naturally whiter than permanent teeth.  Permanent teeth not only have a thicker enamel, but the layer just under the enamel (dentin) is also more dense.  Dentin is yellow in color.  This gives the permanent teeth a color slightly more yellow than the baby teeth.  And it’s perfectly normal!  It can be an adjustment as kids go through the mixed dentition stage and not be as noticeable once all permanent teeth have erupted.  It’s also important to understand that society’s vision of “white teeth” has become very skewed over the years.  New dental shades have been added to the whitening scale to keep up!!

However, if your child is self conscious about the color of their teeth, there are some things that can be considered.  Make sure they are brushing and flossing regularly.  Many times an improvement in oral hygiene can improve the color of the teeth.  Plaque and tartar build up will cause the teeth to look more yellow than they really are.  Also, maintain regular six-month check-ups with your dental office.  A dental professional cleaning can safely remove surface stains.  For mature teen patients over the counter whitening products can be considered – talk to your dentist before starting a regime with your child.

Lastly, if you have questions or are just unsure, ask us!

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